Hight Quality Italian Beer

Matteo and his wife Maria Cristina decided to produce their beer follwing these two rules.

They were born in Umbria, very close to the well-known water springs of Gualdo Tadino, in a land capable of producing the best barly since the Middle Ages.

High quality water and barley gave them the opportunity to turn their passion into a work.

Beer was in their fate, and they decided to start a brewery.


 Birra Bianca  Lancia Blanche     %5    33 cl
 Birra Federico II Golden Ale     %5.9    33 cl
 Birra Costanza Blonde Ale     %5.2    33 cl
 Birra Ma. Ma La Chiara     %5.2    75 cl
 Birra Ma. Ma La Rossa     %5.9    75 cl
 Birra Ma. Ma Ip     %5.9    75 cl
 Birra Bianca  Lancia Blanche     %5   (Petainer  Keg)    20 lt

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