Az. Agr. Raica is the courageous viticultural brainchild of Cinzia Pelazza that is based in the commune of Tempio Pausania, located in the northeastern part of Sardinia. (If you love Barolo and biodynamic wine, her name is hopefully familiar; she is part of the husband and wife duo behind Az. Agr. Eugenio Bocchino of La Morra, Italy.)

Here on the Costa Smeralda the salty air and gusty maestrale remind Cinzia and Eugenio that they are quite a distance from their native, land-locked Piedmont. The couple has always been enchanted by Sardinia’s mediterranean landscape and dreamed of setting up a winery in Sardinia, also curious about trying their hand at making white wine. Their intrigue for the area’s native varietals – here they cultivate Vermentino and Pascale di Cagliari – led them to explore viticulture in this arid, sunny locale that is highly influenced by each pertinent wind.


Eugenio points out that like the Langhe, their vineyards in Sardinia are similarly privy to prominent shifts in temperature throughout the day, making the area even more compelling.


di Gallura Organic, Biodynamic



Viniveri 2018

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