Fattoria San Lorenzo

Fattoria San Lorenzo is a family operation dedicated to the production of organic and biodynamic wines in the farm that Natalino Crognaletti inherited from his father Gino, whom in his turn had inherited it from his father Enrico. Enrico was also a master cooper and Gino spent his life selecting old clones of  Verdicchio from ancient vineyards called Alberta.

Natalino, together with his mother, Vera Biondini manages the vineyards which are situated in Montecarotto where Natalino was born and raised and in the nearby communes Ostra, Ostra Venere e Corinaldo. Natalino lives on the estate with his wife, son, mother and the numerous farm animals for which he names his wines! 

All the vineyards are organically and biodynamically farmed and all the agricultural operations are made by the human hand in order to preserve the plants, the soil and the environment. Natalino is also in charge of the soil management and of the wine-making operations. With a production now diversified into 12 different wines (5 whites and 7 reds), Fattoria San Lorenzo while run and executed completely by Natalino, has recently started a collaboration with oenologist and producer Hartman Donà.




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