Between the years 1960-1970 Settle in Correns and become winegrowersGottfried (1907-1971) and Lisa (1920-2002) Latz acquired the Domaine des Aspras in 1961.1980 – 1990 The whites of the Aspras build its reputationIn 1995 Michael was elected Mayor of Correns . It encourages the approach with the farmers and winegrowers of the village to switch together towards organic farming .It is a collective success . It gives a new meaningto the village. It also makes it possible to significantly improve the quality of the products and to permanently establish Correns’ reputation as an exceptional terroir for its wines.Château Aspras obtains HVE certification (level 3) . The project of a new ultra-modern cellar is launched . It will be realised by 2022. The investment of the 4th generation has started – harvest, organic fair of Correns , planta- tions, work in the cellar

Domaine Aspras