Each bottle of Rapaura Springs tells a story of a lifetime in Marlborough — of water and wine, and working with nature.A lot of people say great winemaking begins in the vineyard, but for us it begins far earlier, high in the Southern Alps. It takes months for the pure water from these snow-capped mountains to filter through braided rivers and underground aquifers to make its way to our Rapaura Springs home vineyard, and for our vines to grow and bear fruit for harvest. That full cycle of nature defines our lives and shapes the way we live.
We grow grapes from across all of Marlborough’s brilliant sub-regions. We let New Zealand’s land, climate and water do the hard work, then handcraft superb wines at our state of the art winery. We leave the vineyards to tell their own story, with just a little nudge in the right direction from our experienced viticulture and winemaking teams.
This approach allows us the opportunity to capture and deliver all of the wonderful flavours Marlborough has to of- fer. The result is a series of exceptional wines with distinct flavours that reflect the iconic regions they come from. Today, 98% of New Zealand’s vineyard producing area is Sustainable Wine-growing NZ certified, with another 7% operating under recognised certified organic programmes.

Rapaura Springs Wines