The grapes of Stanley hill are growing along the valleys of the mountainous region of the northeast part of the Southern Island of New Zealand. And they are specially selected to create this crispy. Refreshing Sauvignon Blanc.

Marlborough is the most important wine growing region of New Zealand and the only wine region of the South Island that really counts. Remarkably, viticulture is still young, only since 1973. The climate and soil are ideal for the growth of grapes. Loam soils on the surface of pebbles in the valleys of the Wairu and Awatere rivers give much-needed food. Thanks to intensive sunshine, a warm northerly wind, cool nights and a long growing season, the wines have a distinctive aromatic structure. Due to the characteristic aroma and taste the wines from this region are very popular. The Wines from Stanley Bay are imported and bottled in the Netherlands by Baarsma Wines.

Stanley Bay Estate