The company was founded in the mid – 1950s by grand- parents Cìo and Gregorio. Since 2001, Alessandro, the third generation of the Pialli family, continues to cultivate the same vineyards with the same native varieties (Tai Ros- so and Garganega) using copper and sulfur in very small quantities, much less than granted by the Bioregulation. All the operations in the vineyard are minimalist, coordinated with the phases of the moon. The production philosophy consists in carrying out as few interventions as possible, avoiding soil compaction and seeking the natural balance in the soil, favouring the life of all the species that populate it, both above and below. In the cellar the fer- mentations are spontaneous, it does not clarify and filter but it is decanted and expected, each wine has its own nat- ural maturation cycle to be respected. All wines are vegan with a minimal amount of sulphites

Vini Pialli