Flor de Roca – Piorat DOQ – Roca de les Dotze

Manual harvest and selection Grenache, Viogner and P.X. are harvested with only few days of difference. Once in the cellar, it will be kept almost 1 day at cold temperatures and then varieties are pressed separately; we remove the must and transfer it to a concrete tank, where it is fermented at a controlled temperature. Once the fermentation is complete, we remove the larger sediments and leave the finer lees.

Nose: has a lot of finesse and elegance, where notes of ripe red fruits, wrapped in balsamic nuances (menthol, aromatic forest, spices) as well as spirits, the minerality of the terroir predominates

In mouth:  is elegant and long, with a warm spot, but with character. It has very round tannins and sugary granulated texture. The end of the mouth is fresh and persistent with a post taste mineral.

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