The name “Serre” has a meaning that is closely espoused with the land, it is in fact the name of a location, appearing on maps, which stands for a “valley which opens and then closes”. The Serre Agri-business sits right within a “valley which opens and then closes” in the municipality of Cobai di Miane, a small town in the VALDOBBIADENE PROSECCO SUPERIORE D.O.C.G. This is the home of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, the sparkling wine whose distinctive aromaticqualities and fine perlage have won it admirers all over the world. Serre is located in an environment rich in natural beauty with high altitudes, varying between 300m and 1000m above sealevel which provides a perfectly natural temperature difference between day and night that creates the distinctive characteristics of the true Valdobbiadene DOCG. Every day Marco and Fabio Pederiva and their collaborators interact with the environment in which they are located, by using Sustainable Agriculture, especially in the area of pesticide treatments they are able to respect the environment, biodiversity, health of the operator and the health of the product.

Serre di Pederiva