Kaplja Bianco – Igt Venezia Giulia – Damijan Podversic

Organoleptic description:Symphony entitled Drop, composed by three artists: Chardonnay, Nekaj, Malvasia Istriana. Each of them donates to the wine its characteristic, contributing to the harmony and balance from the nose to the mouth. The marked olfactory aromaticity of Friulano gives to the mouth the aromatic continuity of the Malvasia, leaving a wide and long final by the round and sapid Chardonnay.

Vinification: The maceration begin in big barrels of oak for 60 to 90 days. Finished the fermentation it gets aged in 20 or 30 hl barrels for 3 years and rest for 1 year in the bottles.

The presence of sedements is essential to keep the wine alive and to conserve it.
We recommend to serve the wine with service temperature at 15°C (59°F).

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