The history and values of the family are connected with a territory of excellence and incomparable beauty, where men and women and their dedication to the land have always played a fundamental role.The company boasts a centuries-old winemaking tradition, with its roots dating back to 1607 in the Adige Valley, a hinge between the region of Trentino-Alto Adige and Vene- to.Under the direction of Mr Albino Armani, the family has five separate wineries, three in the Veneto, one in Trentino Adige and one in Friuli Venezia Giulia, for a total of 330 hectares of vineyards all owned by the family, from the Do- lomites to the Carnic Alps in Friuli, crossing the Valpolicella Classica terraces, the Adige Valley and the Prosecco hills.The winemaking process is scrupulously followed by a team of winemakers that uses cutting-edge techniques to delicately extract the maximum local character from the grapes. In recent years the company has pursued a pro- ject for the isolation and characterisation of native yeasts whose best strains have been selected in their vineyards.