Growing up in Gorizia, on Italy’s northeastern border with the former Yugoslavia (now Slovenia), Damijan Podversic dreamed of following his father’s path making wine for the family’s local eatery. But in his twenties, after Damijan planted his own vineyards and intentionally slashed pro- duction to get better flavour concentration in his grapes, his father disowned him. Now, Damijan’s meticulously produced skin-contact whites labeled Damijan and classi- fied Venezia Giulia IGT and his wines can be found in eliterestaurants across Europe, Asia and the United States. He dedicates all his wines to his now-deceased father, with whom he eventually reconciled. Damijan is a man of big passions and convictions, who works with delicate atten- tion to small details.“Here the time is the owner of the cellar. In the firsts months the wine gets signed by the maceration extract- ing: the crunchiness of the fruit, the minerality of the ter- roir and the rythm of the vintage. Afterwards it remain for three years in the wooden belly of the barrels and one year in the bottle. Our work is focused on the preservation of what we reached in the vineyard and to reproduce it in every sip”.

Damijan Podversic