Biso Rose’ – Tenuta La Ca’

Wine Making

10 Selection: vibrant selection belt, manual selection belt

Mashing: the grapes macerate inside the drum of the press for a period of 2 to 4 hours, then a soft pneumatic pressing takes place.

Fractionation of the free run must and pressed musts, use of only the free run must

Fermentation: thermo-controlled at 10°C in inox until the sugars are exhausted with the use of selected yeasts

Aging: on the Noble lees for the months Bottling: manual, in April with the crescent moon Second fermentation: in the bottle
Aging: 10 months in the bottle after at the end of the second fermentation

Wine tasting Between 6° and 8° C With its antique pink color, Biso is a very easy drinking and fresh wine. It expresses a floral and citrus nose that opens to a deeply mineral palate made of grapefruit and raspberry aromas.


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